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Cluster Computing Software

Enable Cluster Computing Technology.

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Sting Vision

Sting Vision enables developers to use advanced computer vision algorithms and cluster computing technologies in their applications. Our goal is to develop technologies that are easy to use and integrate. With our computer vision API, for example, you don’t have to be a vision expert to integrate image processing and computer vision functionality.

Another solution is our Sting Compute Framework, a software framework that enables you to create a computing cluster.
The software detects computing nodes and adds them to the computing pool, when a job is posted the load balancer will allocate the resources and process the request.
The Sting Compute software runs on a windows machine and has an intuitive graphical interface to setup and monitor the cluster. The computing nodes can be implemented on any platform.

Apart from our standard solutions we can develop custom made solutions that meet your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Computer Vision API

The field of computer vision is transforming rapidly with an ever growing need for computational power. On the other hand applications need to be more energy efficient and cheap. Our webservice provides an interface to advanced computer vision algorithms that can be accessed through a simple and cost effective, network enabled chip. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Computational capacity

No need for the computational capacity on-site, resulting in lower hardware cost.

Power efficient

Develop power efficient smart applications that can be powered by a single battery or solar cell

Abstraction, easy to use

Abstraction of computer vision technology, no in depth knowledge required

Centralised models

Centralised classification model and world wide access.

Image Classification

Use our deep learning models to classify your image. Do you need a specific model? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Optical Character Detection

Need to convert your document images to text? Our OCR feature can read text from images in several languages.

Custom made algorithms

If your application demands a project specific algorithm or model, we are here to help!

Cluster Computing

Data is becoming more and more important, even for smaller businesses. More data is gathered and datasets are becoming bigger. The power to process this data needs to grow accordingly.

The trend of utilising big datasets will stress current computational capabilities. Upgrading to a computing cluster is most of the times only feasible for big data companies. A big part of the total costs are software and license costs and maintaining the system.

With our computing solution we aim to provide an easily maintainable software framework for small and mid-sized businesses with which you can add low cost or state of the art computing hardware on any platform.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The setup of the cluster can be done by your own personnel, minimising your investment.

Windows based

The Sting Compute Broker software is written for a multi-threaded windows platform. No use of consoles, SSH or Linux to setup your cluster. The computing nodes in the cluster can be any network enabled platform.

Easily maintainable

The cluster can be maintained by anyone who has a little understanding of basic networking concepts. Sting Compute enables you to build your simple cluster or implement a complex computing centre, the choice is yours!

Create a low cost or state of the art system

The Sting Compute framework does not discriminate. If you have some older servers or thinking of buying a blade system, the Sting Compute will connect the hardware and balance workload amongst them.

Cross platform client code

The Sting Compute broker will redirect your processing to different computing nodes, what kind of processing it is, is entirely up to you. We provide an API that enables you to post and receive the job and you are completely free to implement the processing side. We provide some client code that can be used out of the box.


Simulations, parallel processing, number crunching you name it! With the Sting Compute Module you are able to offload workload to other servers, GPU’s racks or Application Specific Hardware. Our computer vision API is relying on the Sting Compute module and has proven to be robust and production ready.